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Low-Maintenance Hairstyles for Men in 2021

Good grooming says a lot about a person. Even if you are wearing well-known expensive brands of clothing and accessories, having a messy appearance can still lead to people giving you a negative review. One of the most important factors of good grooming is how well you fix your hair. You can have your hair styled anytime you want, but one of the things that you need to consider is how you can maintain the look for long periods of time. For those people who are too busy to worry about fixing their hair, they can choose from the low-maintenance hairstyles that are currently in style.

Top 15 Low-maintenance Hairstyles for Men In 2021

Clean-shaven head (bald)

o   To start off, you may opt to go with the hairstyle that will take little to no maintenance at all. A clean-shaven head is a very famous look among sports figures and celebrities. It is not only cost-effective, but it gives you an aggressive and manly look. This goes exceptionally well for men who have thick beards. If you have neck tattoos, then they will accentuate the attractiveness of your bald head. The best face shape that a man can have that would fit well with a clean-shaven hairstyle includes square, diamond-shaped, and rectangle. The appearance of a strong jawline is important to show masculinity when sporting a bald head. To add to this, having strong facial hair will draw attention to its lines and shadows. Another advantage with having a bald cut is that it takes away the attention from your receding hairline if you have one.

Buzz cut

o   If you are not comfortable with losing all your hair, then you may opt to go with a buzz cut. This is a hairstyle that has one of the least risks of showing an uneven haircut. In most cases, hairstylists do not use their scissors when giving clients buzz cuts. A hair clipper is used to ensure that the length of the hair can be maintained at 3/8” on top and a tapered 1/2” on the sides. With regards to maintenance, you do not have to put anything on your hair to make it look good. However, you may add matte hair products to give your hair a textured look. This style can go well with men who have oval and rectangular faces. A buzz cut is also one of the hairstyles that can be paired well with all kinds of beards.

Induction cut

o   This falls between a common buzz cut and clean-shaven hairstyle. Others even call this the shortest version of a buzz cut. This is done by removing the guards from a hair clipper. An induction cut results in hair that has a length of 1/16”. There is no need to apply products to maintain your hair. You just need to make sure that you wash and apply conditioner to your hair regularly.

Butch cut

o   This hairstyle is a little bit longer than a buzz cut. The hair on the top of the client’s head is cut short in all dimensions. Traditionally, the hair on the top of the head, the upper portion on the back of the head, and the hair on the sides are cut with the same length. The hair length may be between 1/2” and 1/4“. Having facial hair will add a strong look to someone that goes with a butch cut. This style of haircut is ideal for men with diamond, oblong, and square face shapes.

Crew cut

o   This is one of the classic hairstyles that is still popular in 2021. The hair on the sides of the head is cut shorter than the hair on the top of the head. Depending on your preference, you can either go for a clean look or a messy and lazy look. However, there are new ways to make a butch cut more enticing.  The modern crew cut look partners a tapered nape with high sideburns. The hair does not usually exceed 2”. This is one of the hairstyles that can go well with any face shape.

Classic taper cut

o   This is both a low-maintenance and a high-performance hairstyle. It is considered to be a classic but still works pretty well at present time. A classic taper hairstyle is one that can be modified based on your personal style. It can work well with all types of face shapes. This type of hairstyle is done by cutting the hair on the sides and the back of the head short, while it maintains the long hair on the top of the head. With regards to styling, one can opt to go for a side part. You will need to apply hair products such as pomade, wax, or paste to maintain the form or style you want.

Taper fade

o   For men who have thicker hair, this is one of the best choices for them. Round shaped faces will benefit from a taper fade hairstyle since the attention goes away from the chin area and is focused more on the sides and the top part of your head. A fade means that the hair is cut as close as possible to the skin so that there is an appearance of the hair fading downwards. This is the point of the taper fade where the top of the head maintains long hair while the hair eventually fades to the skin as it goes down. Having longer hair on the top makes it easier for you to sweep it back because of the volume of hair. Normally there is no need to apply hair products since the hair does not need to be held in place.

Side part with mid fade

o   This type of hairstyle can be used to pair with different lengths of hair. This style basically shows your hair parting on one side of your head. A mid fade is done by having a tapered cut between the temple of your head and your ears. This gives a balance of fade and length. Ideally, this style fits well with men that have oval, square, and triangle face shapes. Thicker hair means that style can be easily applied. With regards to maintaining a side part hairstyle, you will need a decent amount of gel or pomade, depending on the volume and length of hair on the top of your head.

crop top

French crop

o   This is one of the short hair styles where there is no need to apply hair products to maintain its style. A French crop, also called a crop top, is styled by making the hair on the sides, front, and back of the head short while adding a cropped fringe. A cropped fringe means getting a short textured haircut with bangs that can be styled in various ways. It works well with any type of face shape. Since it is a low-maintenance hairstyle, you just have to ensure that you shampoo your hair regularly, without adding products to set your hair.

Ivy league

o   This is a variation of a crew cut. It has become popular just recently. This type of hairstyle features a modern take by keeping the hair long on all sides while giving a side-swept fringe. It looks good for professionals as it gives a clean and simple look. You may need gel, pomade, or wax to neatly style your hair. The hair can be styled with a side part, or it can be brushed upwards for a tousled look.

Short slicked-back pompadour fade

o   If you have a good volume of hair and are looking for a hairstyle that will give you a sophisticated, polished look, this style will be right for you. This style is done when hair is combed up so that a heavy volume of hair is shown on the front of the top of your head while gradually flattening out as the tips reach the back of your head. You may add pomade or gel to keep your hair in place. It does not take too much time combing your hair to attain the look you want.

Quiff with fade

o   This type of hairstyle has some similarities with a pompadour hairstyle. However, the main difference is that it needs fewer hair products to keep it in place. A quiff hairstyle can be adjusted to suit any type of face shape. It works best for men with thick, wavy, and straight hair. The basic form of this hairstyle is to have your hair on the back and sides cut short, while cutting the hair on the top of your head short, but not as short as the sides and back. You may opt to choose your preferred level of fade on your sides and back. A matte hair product fits well since it will give you a messy look. You should apply the hair product once your hair is completely dry.

Short spiky hairstyle

o   Spiky hair relies on products that can effectively hold it up. In most cases, spiky long hair is a high-maintenance hairstyle. However, a short spiky hairstyle belongs among the low-maintenance hairstyles. Basically, the hair is cut short enough so that it has still the ability to stand when applied with hair products such as mousse, gel, or wax. However, what makes it low-maintenance is that you will just need to apply a small amount of hair product, and you can use your fingers to spike your hair upward.

Low fade crew cut

o   This is meant to give you a younger look. Your hair tapers just above the ear, which is lower than a mid fade. This style shows a mix of traditional and contemporary look. With a crew cut to the hair on the top of your head, there is no need to use products to maintain your hair. This is a good choice if you want to look fashionable while at the same time looking professional at work.

High skin fade

o   A high skin fade hairstyle is a choice made by men who have an even color with their scalp and face. This type works best with men who have thick and dense hair. A high skin fade is the shortest way that you may want to cut the back and sides of your head. Without going to a full buzz or crew cut, a high skin fade is a more fashionable way to style short hair. It does not need maintenance as there is no need to apply products to your very short hair.

Low-maintenance Hairstyle Means Less Hassle

If you are the type of person who does not bother with styling your own hair after going to your hair salon, then you should choose a style that you can fix in a few minutes or less before you leave your house. However, not all hairstyles can fit all types of face shapes and skin tones. It is highly advised to discuss first with a hair stylist the style that would fit you. If you are looking for a reputable salon in Innisfil, Ontario, you can contact Fade Artist Barber Lounge and Hair Studio at +1-705-896-7524. Our hairstyling experts can help you find the best hairstyle for you.

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