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Male Haircut is in Style for 2021

Finding the best hairstyle that would fit you this 2021 may be hard if you do not have a guide. Having a friendly and well-trained hair stylist assist you will make things more efficient and easier for you. There are various facial characteristics that need to be considered so that you do not choose one that would not make you feel comfortable with your look. If you are already familiar with the characteristics of your face and head, then you may choose from the list of male haircuts that are in style this 2021.

Bald Head With A Full Beard Cut

Men that have round-shaped heads are known to be the ones that can perfectly sport bald heads. However, there are men who feel that having round faces as well would not fit the bald head look. These men can still proceed with getting bald haircuts as long as they are able to grow beards. Bald heads work extremely well for people who have fully grown beards. This makes them look more masculine and sexy.

High Fade Undercut With A Pompadour Top

For those men who have a good volume of hair on the top of their heads, they can easily sport the pompadour look. By partnering this with a high fade undercut, the sides and back of the head will give your head a gradient look. It is one of the current styles that is meant to make you look like a young professional.

Buzz Cut With A Full Beard

This has the same effect as the bald head with a full beard cut. However, this is an option for people who are not comfortable shaving their heads. The top of the head still maintains hair with a length of 3/8”.

High Fade Comb-Over

This is another hairstyle that is meant for people who have high volumes of hair on the tops of their heads. The high fade on the side and back gives a gradient look. The hair on the top of the head can then be combed over to one side. It is also a way of men to hide signs of balding. This is meant to give off a classy and younger look.

Long Textured Curly High Fade

A man who has long curly hair does not need to shorten the hair on the top of his head. This 2021, men with curly hair opt to go with high fades on the sides and the back of their hair. The fade will remove the hassle of maintaining curly hair on the sides and the back of the head. Styling will then be focused on giving a textured look to the long curly hair on the top of the head.

Textured Crop Top With Taper Fade

Men who do not want to show skin on the sides and back of their heads will feel comfortable with this hairstyle. The taper fade is meant to show a gradient to the sides and back of the head without reaching the point of exposing too much skin. Partnering this with a textured crop top can give you a timeless and versatile look. In relation to the maintenance of this hairstyle, you do not have to do so many steps since you will just need to add a small amount of matte paste or clay and use your fingers to create the textured look you want.

Taper Beard Combo

Men blessed with beards that are able to connect with their sideburns and moustache are lucky enough to achieve this look that is sought-out by men this 2021. The stylist can give the sides taper fades that go right through the sideburns. This would make it look as if the hair on the side of your head is connected all the way to your beard. The beard and moustache can be trimmed with the same thickness to make it look cleaner.

Man Bun With A Taper Beard Combo

This hairstyle fits well with men who are lucky to have both their beards touching their sideburns and mustache and also being able to grow hair for more than 6 inches. The taper beard combo will ensure that the hair on the side will look connected all the way to the beard. The hair on the back of the head can then be secured by a hair tie while it is twisted to form a man bun. This style has never lost its popularity even up to this day.

Top Knot With High Fade

Top Knot With High Fade

Men with hair longer than 6 inches can opt to go with this style. By having a high fade on the sides and the back of the head, this is one of the styles that can give men with long hair a cleaner look. Instead of tying the man bun on the back of the head, this style is achieved by putting the man bun on the top of the head.

Ponytail With A Taper Beard Combo

Another style that is fit for men with hair that is longer than 6 inches and beards that reache       the sideburns and the moustache. This look can be achieved by tapering the sides while ensuring that the beard and the sideburns have the same volume and texture. Unlike a man bun that shows a knot look, men going for this style can directly apply the hair tie anywhere in the back of their heads.

Taper Fade Quiff

This is one of the hairstyles that do not need too much time and effort to maintain. A quiff hairstyle is adjusted by a stylist so that it would fit the face shape of the client. This hairstyle is meant for men that have thick, straight, and wavy hair. This hairstyle involves having the hair on the back and sides cut short. The hair on the top of the head is also cut short, but the stylist makes sure that the shortness of the hair on the top of the head does not equal the shortness of the hair on the sides and back. The level of fade can be adjusted to your liking. This style goes well with matte hair products.

Mid Taper Fade Side Part

This hairstyle suits almost all lengths of hair. A mid taper fade gives a balance of intensity on the sides of the head. It appears both stylish and casual. This makes it one of the hairstyles that can be chosen by those who are not sure what exact hairstyle they would like to get. Styling this is easier since you just need to apply a decent amount of pomade as you comb your hair over to one side of your head.

Short Spiky Hair With High Fade

This is an upgrade to the classic short spiky hair that has remained to be popular even at the present time. The addition of the high fade gives you a cleaner and modern look.

Spiky Faux Hawk Mid Fade

The faux hawk is one of the hairstyles that have not lost popularity. There are celebrities and athletes who prefer to use this style of hair. By giving the sides and the back of the head mid fades, the hairstyle intensifies the beauty of the spiky faux hawk.

Braids With High Fade

Men who are looking for a hairstyle with braids can opt to get one that includes giving high fade to the sides and the back of the head. This will make your hairstyle look neat and tidy. Having less hair on the sides and back will also put the focus on the style of braiding you have chosen.

Caesar High Fade

The Caesar is a timeless haircut that is perfect for men who prefer getting shorter haircuts on the top of their heads. It is also referred to as the French crop. This style involves the stylist giving the client a horizontally-cut short fringe. It follows the hairstyle that was sported by the famous Roman emperor Julius Caesar. Incorporating a high fade to this hairstyle ensures that there are contrasts in your style.

Be Part Of The Trend

Classic hairstyles have been known to be back on trend in 2021. Some of these have also been upgraded with different levels of fade and taper, which made them trendier. You should try out different hairstyles this 2021. This is a way for you to find out which one would be able to fit your tastes. You should also consider getting your hairstyle done in a reputable hair studio. You do not want a stylist that would let you choose a hairstyle that would not fit the characteristics of your hair, face, and head without informing you that your chosen style might not work out for you. Well-trained professional hair stylists can elevate the hairstyle that you are going for.

Furthermore, expert hair stylists will be able to evaluate if your preferred style would look good on you. They can recommend better options that would still be aligned with the style that you plan to get. You should try out the Fade Artist Barber Lounge and Hair Studio. You may schedule an appointment by calling +1-705-896-7524.

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