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Benefits of a Hot Towel Shave

A hot towel shave may seem like an easy procedure at barbershops but to men, this gives them a remarkable pampering session as a weekly routine. Aside from its relaxing and rejuvenating effect, it gives benefits to the skin and overall grooming experience. Shaving is a common process of removing facial hair on men. Learning about how a hot towel shave can make a huge difference with its benefits is equally important for men.

How A Hot Towel Shave is Done

A hot towel is applied to the customer’s face before the shaving process. Some customers prefer to have essential oils in their hot towel so the barber needs to ask first before soaking the towel in hot water. It takes about 3 to 5 minutes before the barber takes it off. Facial hair needs time to absorb water which then opens the pores. This needs to be done to help the blade glide smoothly when shaving.

The hot towel is then removed as the barber applies a shaving product on the beard. When applying a shaving cream or gel, this should be in circular motion or horizontal strokes. This helps lift the hair of the skin easily. For some customers, another hot towel may be applied to let the shaving product soak in and soften the facial hair.

For the shaving process, it is done in two passes. The goal of the first pass is to shorten the hair and the second pass is to shave against the grain for a close shave result. For both passes, the barber has to be very careful as some customer’s skin can be sensitive. Once all the facial hair is removed, men love the most relaxing part of the pampering session – another hot towel is applied on the face. The hot towel is then removed and a massage is given while putting on the after shave product on the skin. This part is a favorite as some men doze off during this step.

The Benefits of Having a Hot Towel Shave

Customers visiting the barbershop often request for a hot towel shave because they want to relax and feel good. This is a great therapy which is effective and a one of a kind experience for most men. Hot towel shave is a trend nowadays and most barber shops offer this particular service separately. The top benefits of having a hot towel shave are the following:

Opens the pores

Towels are placed in heated cabinets in which the temperature is just right. A hot towel is applied on top of the customer’s face. As the steam of the hot towel comes off, this opens up the pores making it convenient to remove dirt, oil or dead skin. This also softens the facial hairs in a matter of minutes. The facial hairs also relax when pores open making it quick and easier to shave them off.

An exfoliating treatment

The hot towel shave can make the skin smooth and void of dead skin cells. Thus, it can be used as a relaxing and exfoliating treatment. People get exfoliation to feel fresh, rejuvenated and relaxed. This goes the same with a hot towel shave for men.

An exfoliating treatment

Promotes better circulation

One of the best things a hot towel shave can do for men is that it promotes circulation. The warmth that comes with the hot towel can be relaxing for men making their day at the barbershop stress-free. Increased circulation is good for the entire body and makes the customer feel good during the process.

Expels the ingrown hairs

With a hot towel shave, ingrown hairs are expelled in the process. These are pulled out and will most probably not come back. Skin will be smoother and clearer afterwards. Ingrown hairs can be uncomfortable for most people and with a hot towel shave, this can be eventually removed.

Achieves a perfect shave

One major goal of men is a perfect shave when touched; it feels soft and delicate. With a hot towel shave, shaving towards the direction of the hair is easy and the results are amazing. The skin glows and looks better. Men do not like uneven shaves which tend to look unattractive. Having a hot towel shave can boost a person’s confidence and overall appearance.

Provides protection from razor burn

When men shave, they usually experience different skin irritations. These are cuts, nicks, rashes and even razor burns. When they have a hot towel shave, this soothes the irritated skin which eventually makes it healthy looking in the end. Razor burns can be very bad and it is great to know that hot towel shave can avoid men having these.

A Hot Towel Shave is Recommended

Men should pamper themselves once in a while. If women go to a spa to have soothing and beauty needs, men should also visit the barber to have the same benefits. After a tough day from work, having a hot towel shave should be an integral part of the weekly routine. This also shows that men should value their health and overall appearance as well. Hot towel shave improves the skin’s condition by making it smooth and moisturized.

As compared to normal shaving, hot towel shave has prolonged effects and a great experience each time. To have a safe and great hot towel shave experience, always make sure to go for professionals. Doing it on your own can be too risky and may cause harm to the skin. Nicks and cuts may be inevitable so it is better to seek help from an experienced barber. For most men, a hot towel shave is preferred together with a haircut. This seems practical and efficient for customers visiting a barber shop.

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