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Hot Towel Shave

Some men may not say it, but they do like to be pampered from time to time. After going through a stressful week at work, men need time for themselves to just rest and be comfortable. One of the most favorite pampering sessions for men is to get a hot towel shave. Barbers are known to offer this type of service. Knowing how the process of a hot towel shave is done can help men realize that this type of service is a must-have.

Step By Step Tutorial of A Hot Towel Shave

Before going through the process, it is important that clients discuss with their barbers the specific requirements they have for their shaves. Not all people prefer to have clean-shaven looks. There are those who would prefer to shave certain areas of their faces that have facial hair. They may want to leave facial hair on some areas to go along with their hairstyles. The important thing is to communicate all of these things so that clients will have pleasant and enjoyable experiences. Below are the common steps to give the best hot towel shave service to a client:

  1.     Customers should ensure that the work area is clean. Do not just sit on the barber’s chair without checking if there are signs of hair and residue that may have come from the past customer. If a barbershop cleans the work area before they let you sit on the barber chair, this would mean that they value health and safety.
  2.     In some barber shops, they offer their clients to add essential beard oils to their towels. Customers will just have to pick the oil based on the fragrance. However, if customers request to have unscented towels, then it is also possible to remove the essential oil in the picture.
  3.     After the customer has chosen which essential oil to use, the barber will then apply the oil to a fresh white towel. The towel is then soaked in hot water. To make sure that the hot towel will not burn the face of the customer, the barber should be able to hold on to the hot towel and wring it without getting burned. Since the face is less sensitive to heat as compared to the hands, if a barber is able to wring the hot towel, then it is safe to be applied on the face of the customer.
  4.     The hot towel is then placed on top of the customer’s face. It usually takes 3 to 5 minutes before the barber removes the hot towel from the customer’s face. This is necessary since the barber wants to soften the facial hair before it is shaved. Facial hair needs time to fully absorb as much water as possible during the entire process. The hot water also helps open up the pores on the customer’s face. The barber may reapply a hot towel on the customer’s face depending on how fast the facial hair is able to absorb the water. Letting the facial hair absorb water also helps the blade to glide through the hair. It lessens the risk of getting burns, cuts, and nicks.
  5.     After removing the hot towel, it is now time to apply the shaving product. A barber will need to lather the shaving cream or gel by mixing it with water. To make application easier, it is advised that barbers use either shaving brushes or their fingers when lathering the shaving product. The product is gently applied on the customer’s face. The application of the product should be done in a combination of horizontal strokes and circular motions. This will help lift the hair from the skin. Then another clean hot towel may be applied on the face of the customer to help the shaving product soften the facial hair some more.
  6.     The shaving part of the process happens in 2 passes. The 1st pass is aimed to shorten the facial hair. This step usually involves starting with the facial hair in the sideburn area of the face. The barber must shave across the chin and work down towards the neck area. This will ensure that the long facial hair on the larger surfaces is cut first. The barber can then start shaving the facial hair on the areas with smaller areas such as the moustache, upper lip, and the jaw. The process is done per side of the face so that the barber can effectively follow the grain of the facial hair.
  7.     The 2nd pass involves shaving against the grain of the facial hair. By going against the grain, this will provide the closest shave result. Depending on the need, the barber may reapply the shaving product and place a new clean hot towel on the customer’s face before starting with the 2nd pass. The barber will follow the same order in which areas will be shaved first just like the 1st pass. However, the barber is more cautious and considers the tension and sensitivity of the customer’s face. The barber will then check if the shaved areas are already smooth. For areas that still have some rough patches, the barber will proceed to shave them again until they become smooth.
  8.     For most men, the next step is their most awaited part. This step involves the aftershave. This is one of the most relaxing parts of the process. Another hot towel is applied on the face. However, there are barbers who prefer using cold towels in this part to help the pores effectively close down. After taking off the towel, the barber will be applying some aftershave product on the customer’s face. The application of the product is usually through a massage to the customer’s face. Customers may fall asleep during this step.
  9.     The last step involves checking and cleaning if there are areas that may need to be cut or shaved. The goal for this last step is to ensure that the perimeter outlines of the customer’s haircut and sideburns are refined.

Things To Consider When Giving A Hot Towel Shave

Customers that want to avail hot towel shave services are looking for relaxing, hygienic, and safe experiences. They put their trust on their barbers to produce the necessary results while they sit through and enjoy the pampering process. For this to happen, barbers and customers have to consider a few things. These things include:

  •       Using high quality razors

o   This is very important for a customer to experience excellent service. Reputable barbershops are known to provide their barbers with the necessary tools to do their jobs properly. Barbers must always check if their razors are sharp and clean enough before commencing the shaving process. The best type of razor to use is called the straight razor. This makes it easier for the barber to control the blade. There is another kind of straight razor that uses removable blades. This is called the shavette. This is more sanitary since barbers will use new blades for every customer that they handle. It is recommended that a customer should inquire about this before starting with his shave.

  •       Having clean tools

o   Barbers are known to use tools that will be used on different customers. These tools may include combs, brushes, and razors. It is crucial that these items are always cleaned and sanitized after each use. There are straight razors that use permanent blades. These blades need to be cleaned thoroughly to avoid spreading skin infections to customers. Health and safety should always be the priority.

  •       Checking if clients have allergic reactions to the shaving and hair products

o   Customers should always inform their barbers if they are allergic to certain chemicals that may compose some of the hair or shaving products. This is necessary to ensure that customers will leave the barbershop happy and relaxed. For those who may have some issues with certain products, reputable barber shops will find alternatives to make the experience still enjoyable but also safer for the customer.

Things To Consider while hot towel shave

Let Professionals Shave Your Facial Hair

Some people may feel that going to a barbershop would just be a hassle. It is normal for some people to prefer shaving their faces on their own. However, they risk themselves from getting nicked or cut during the shaving process. Also, there are clear differences between the results of personally shaving your own facial hair and letting a professional do it for you. Barber can give you smoother results because they are knowledgeable on the different angles that are needed to effectively do a close shave. A hot towel shave that is offered by a barbershop is meant to help customers relax and enjoy the experience of being pampered. Those people who may find it troublesome to go to barbershops just to get their faces shaved do not have to worry. A customer may opt to have his face shaved during the time when he schedules for his haircut. This is a more feasible and efficient option for the customer.

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