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Haircut for Men in Toronto

Men are similar to women in many ways especially when haircuts are involved. There are different haircut types available for men and depends mainly on the preference and style. This also serves as a pampering session for men, who want to relax and look good after a trip to the salon. Since each individual is unique, haircuts for men may be short, medium in length or faded. There are so many variations to choose from and each comes with a special maintenance process to preserve the style. Here are some of the top haircut types in Toronto that men love to sport on.

Short Haircuts

Buzz Cut

This is one of the most popular short haircuts requested among men. The cut is very short and does not need so much maintenance. It is also referred to as a “wash and wear” type of haircut which is ideal for men on the go. There is no need to fix it every morning before the day starts. The buzz cut does not have so many ways to style and works well if you have thick hair and desire a strong, army look.

Crew Cut

The crew cut is close to the buzz cut style but it features a short back with a longer cut hair above which can be styled using a brush. Easy to maintain, the crew cut looks amazing with men with a square shaped face and has thick hair. Because the hair length is not even, there is more room for styling.

Short Comb Over

For men who need a smart and very stylish look, the Short Comb Over is a good choice. There are faded sides and a combline where men can easily comb the hair over. This haircut is very low maintenance and does not waste your precious time in fixing it.

Induction Cut

As the name puts it, this is the type of haircut given to new recruits in the army. The Induction Cut is very short and has low to zero maintenance.

Pompadour haircut Toronto

Medium Length Haircuts

As with short haircuts, medium length haircuts are already growing popular nowadays. This flaunts men with abundant hair and can easily be a perfect reason to turn some heads. Those who are well-endowed with hair, consider having a medium-length haircut to shift into a new hairstyle. For styling,


One of the classic haircuts that men love to sport is the Elvis Presley look. This haircut has a dominant upward wave which then recedes in volume as it goes at the back. This big mound of hair is also called a quiff. The sides and the back of the head are combed nicely. Pompadour is also great for men with straight hair. Though it may take some time to style and maintain it, the look is worth it all.

Faux Hawk

Though some men would refer to Faux Hawk as a punk kind of style, this has grown to be very popular at present. Basically, this haircut is a tapered down mohawk. Thus, others refer to this haircut as Fohawk. The hair at the center of the head is longer as compared to the sides. So for styling purposes, men have all the freedom as to what to do with the sides.


Much related to the Pompadour haircut, the trendy Quiff features more hair at the top of the head which then recedes at the back. The sides are also trimmed and much shorter as compared to the hair on top. This haircut has lots of variations such as Textured, Long and High Quiffs.

Slicked Back

Men who are blessed with thick and straight hair can go for this hairstyle. As its name describes it, Slicked Back requires more care and maintenance. This means that to preserve this look for a day, you need hair gel or mousse to keep it on. Hair products will also give the hair a glossy touch and with a thicker appearance.

Mens Fade Haircuts

Fade haircuts have been in fashion ever since. It is a classic hairstyle and continues to trend nowadays. The good thing about this haircut is that it is low maintenance and very versatile. Just like the other styles, Fade Haircuts have variations to suit each person’s taste.

Taper Fade

The Tapera Fade haircut is keeping the hair long at the top as it tapers down at the back and sides of the head. As the hair goes down, it blends in with the level of the skin. This haircut features a neat and sharp look which may be used in conjunction with other styles.

Low Fade

The Low Fade haircut begins very low on the hairline. But it then blends up from there. Men who love to feature their handsome waves can get this haircut. It is very versatile and works best with other different hairstyles as well.

Mid Fade

This type of fade haircut starts right above the ears. It is very clean and creates a perfect transition from the color of the hair to the skin. This is also suitable for those who want a military look.

High Fade

For that strong and fierce look, the High Fade haircut is a great choice. It is a very high contrast cut as most of the hair behind and the sides are shaved. This also shows the natural shape of the head. Men who want to flaunt their heads can go for this haircut.

Scissor Fade

As compared to all of the variations of the fade haircuts, the Scissor Fad is the longest. A shaver is not used to achieve the look making it appear soft.

Get The Cut For Your Style

There may be a lot of haircut styles trending at present, what matters most is the one that fits your style. For that easy to maintain look, it is best to choose a short haircut which does not need tidying up in the morning. Men who want a pumped up haircut, may choose among the cool medium length styles offered at Fade Artist Barber Lounge and Hair Studio. For a classic look, choose among the versatile fade haircuts offered. Men who love a low maintenance haircut can opt to get the different fades offered. For that perfect cut, it will always boil down to what you want and the style you are comfortable with.

To have an awesome haircut in Innisfil, visit us at Fade Artist Barber Lounge and Hair Studio. You may contact us at +1-705-896-7524 if you want to make a reservation.

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