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It’s no secret that hair styles for men are constantly changing. In fact, just a few years ago the undercut was all the rage but is it still popular today? And what will be the trend in 2022? There are a few tips you can use to stay ahead of the curve.

Here we’ll take a look at what your options are for a stylish cut in 2022. Thankfully there are many popular hairstyles right now so you’re not going to be short of options.

Best Hair Styles for Men in 2022

The Undercut

We mentioned it at the start as being one of the hottest hairstyles from the last few years but the undercut is still hugely popular. It’s simply a buzz cut on the sides and back, with longer hair on top.

That hair on top can be styled however you like but many men prefer the messy textured look with minimal use of hair product.

This is a dramatic and aggressive hairstyle as there is a big contrast between the hair on the top and on the sides, with no fade in between. While a true undercut has no fade, an alternative is to add in a high fade which also looks fantastic. It’ll need cutting often to keep it looking sharp.

The Quiff

This style brings some order to unruly locks. All you have to do is gel your mop of hair up and over, so it’s pointing away from your head. Then you have a choice of either leaving it or combing it back.

The quiff is a hairstyle that has come in and out of fashion often over the decades. It’s very hot right now and looks equally good with faded sides or you could even combine it with an  undercut.

The Pompadour

The pompadour is a close relation of the quiff. This hairstyle was made hugely popular by Elvis Presley back in the ‘50s with his huge hair that was slicked back with huge amounts of pomade. The modern pompadour is a little different.

The best 2022 pomp will be a little shorter and usually kept in place with a low-shine hair product such as wax. It’s similar to the quiff except that hair is longer and swept all the way back to the nape of the neck.

The Man Bun

This is one of the most difficult styles to maintain because it requires your top hair to be long enough to reach your shoulders. The only way you’ll be able to wear a man bun is if you have thick, long hair that can be tied into a knot on top of your head.

It seemed like a style that would quickly come in and out of fashion but its popularity remains. It’s ideal for those looking for a popular hairstyle that is a little more daring.

The Faux Hawk

If you want to turn heads but still look stylish, the faux hawk would be an awesome choice. As you might have guessed from its name, this is essentially a quieter version of the mohawk which is a little shorter, wider, and not as spiked.

It looks brilliant with a high fade but a more tame and professional version is one with longer sides with the hair on top textured upwards. On the flip side, you could go for the aggressive look and mix the faux hawk with an undercut and a full beard.

The Professional Cuts

Styles and prejudices have changed a lot in the last few decades but for men in certain professional positions, they are still expected to look a certain way. For these men, the idea of a faux hawk or pompadour isn’t really possible.

For a professional look, you can’t go wrong with the crew cut. This is where the hair on top is only cut slightly longer than the sides. You can leave it without any product or run some through for a bit of texture.

Another classic professional look is the buzz cut. This is where you just cut all of your hair short and to the same length. It’s great for those who can’t be bothered to maintain a hair cut but is also ideal for those who are going bald.

For those who want to have a bit of style but still look professional in 2022, a combover is a great option. With this, you’ll have your hair a bit longer on the top and sweep it over from one side to the other with a hard parting across the side of your head.

Staying On Trend

In the last ten years, we’ve not really seen an explosion in the popularity of one particular type of cut. In the previous decade the man bun, undercut, and pompadour have all been examples of haircuts that became popular again but have stayed fashionable.

There probably hasn’t been a better time for men to find something new. There are plenty of different stylish cuts out there so it’s a great idea to try a new style. If you try something new and don’t think it suits you, then you can move on to the next one.

It’s not hard to stay on trend with the latest styles. If a new haircut explodes in popularity, then you’ll soon know about it. For now, you can choose the style that most fits your personality and face shape. As a general rule, longer faces suit shorter hair on top, and rounder faces look great with more voluminous hair.

Creating Your Style

Not sure what to ask for when you’re getting your next cut? The key is to be clear about your vision and what exactly you want. Even the same hairstyle, such as the pompadour, can have different lengths, textures, and fades.

Hairstylists are professionals so you can always just leave it up to them to create a masterpiece. But if you want to play it safe, a picture is always useful. Either way, you’re going to end up with a great hairstyle.

If you want to stay stylish in 2022, thankfully you have plenty of options. We’d dare you to be bold and try something you’ve never had before! Whether it is the undercut, pompadour, or buzz cut, we’re sure you’ll look great.

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