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Cutting your hair at home is nothing new but in recent years it has become more of a necessity than a choice. Whether you want to avoid going out, save some money, or just don’t have the time, having a home haircut can be a great idea.

Here we’ll take a look at what you need to get the job done along with looking at the best styles for a home haircut. By the end, you’ll be ready to grab those clippers and get cutting. Let’s get started!

The Tools You Will Be Needing

Before you begin and hone your home haircut skills, you would need the right sets of tools. Since this isn’t a professional salon, you would only require the essential tools that are important to getting a haircut.

The first thing you would need to buy is a complete clipper set which should consist of a clipper, guards, combs, and scissors. You can look for options online and pick one that fits into your budget but most of them are fairly cheap.

If there is no hairbrush in the set, and you don’t have one at home already, you’d need to get one too. Another thing you will need is a mirror you can easily and comfortably maneuver around your head.

If you’ve had the same set of clippers for years then consider an upgrade. Having a fresh set of blades and a powerful battery can make a huge amount of difference to not only how easy it is to cut your hair but also the time it’ll take.

Now that you are equipped with the tools to give yourself a haircut, below are some haircuts, styles, and how to go about them while at home.

The Buzz Cut

The simplest of all cuts in the world, male or female, is the buzz cut. Requirements include your clean sharp clippers and a mirror. This is an extremely easy cut but one that is still easier if someone else can do it for you.

The buzz cut is simply when you cut all of your hair short and to the same length. Depending on the amount of hair you wish to leave behind, you can choose any of the first three clipper low guards (1, 2, or 3) to fix on the clipper before you begin. If you are unsure, then it’s always best to start with the higher option.

You’ll be able to cut 99% of your hair just using a mirror with no problem. It’s best to methodically work around your hair to ensure you don’t miss any parts. It’s usually the best idea to start with the sides, cut the back, and then cut the top.

The 1% that’s tricky is around the ears and at the nape of the neck. This is where it’s best to take off the clipper guard and cut any loose hairs around the years and straighten the hair on the neck. This is the part where it’s always best to have a helping hand.

These areas will be less noticeable the lower your clipper guard is. If it’s a #1 or you don’t have any guard at all, you probably won’t need to worry about smartening these areas as the hairs will already be short enough.

The Fade Cut

fade cut

This cut or hairstyle is a bit more difficult and challenging to cut at home. This is where your hair length will be different lengths, with the hair on top of your head being longer than the rest. This is a very common and stylish haircut for men.

The first step is to determine the type of fade with either low fade, mid fade, or high fade. The next step is to get your haircut kit cleaned and ready for use. Start from the bottom of the sides of your head using a low guard of 0, 1, or 2. You cut upwards with very short strokes until you reach the desired area you want your fade to reach.

At this point, you switch to a longer guard and continue to cut until you reach the temple line of your head. When you’ve cut to the temple, begin trimming with a clipper and comb. The comb is to expose hair that the clipper missed and make it easier to trim.

Do this around your entire temple line until you begin to see it blend between the two hair lengths. Once you’re satisfied with the blend, you’re done with a fade cut.

The exact way to cut a fade will depend on where you want your fade and the length you want your hair to be. If you’re using clippers to cut the top of your hair then it’s much easier as you don’t need to worry as much about blending lengths.

This is difficult to master so you or the person cutting your hair will need some practice. If it all goes wrong, then you can just quickly turn it into a buzz cut!

The Slight Trim

Men with full hair may not necessarily want a full clipper cut. They simply want to trim the hair to avoid it looking unkempt and rough.

To go about this, you’d need your clipper, clipper guards, comb, and clips. You begin by combing the hair into place, then proceed with clips to separate long hair from short ones. After this, you fix your guard and begin to trim out the hair.

If you’ve never done this before, and are unsure of the amount of length you wish to trim out, you should start with a longer guard. You can work your way down the length by switching to a shorter guard until you get your preferred trim length. This way, you can carefully cut your hair to the desired length. This is for the sides and back of your hair.

For the top, simply mimic your barber by picking a section of the front, placing your fingers in the center to determine the height you want, and trimming it off. Then slowly work your way backward while maintaining the length used for the front section. Continue to the sides until the top and sides of your head blend.

Final Thoughts

Cutting a buzz cut at home is quite easy but for any other styles, you may need a little practice. Before long you’ll be an expert at cutting your hair. If in doubt, then the barbershop will always be there to give you a professional trim.

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