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Innisfil Hair Salon

There is a gem for men found in Innisfil. Come visit our hair salon and let us cut your hair. You can also let us give you a shave or beard line up and trim.

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Innisfil Hair Salon

Innisfil is one of the best places to live in Ontario. Friendly neighbours and pleasant community activities aside, it is also where you can find the perfect man cave for all your grooming needs. In the same manner that this small town blends city life with rural living, Innisfil Hair Salon combines traditional with modern hair and beard styling.

Traditionally, men go to a barbershop to have their hair cut short with a clipper. Nowadays, most people go to a hair salon, where a hair stylist not only can cut short hair but also offer more services. The line between both types of shops is blurry but one thing is clear. They are a sanctuary where you can relax and have a hairdresser take care of your hair and beard, making you look good.

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Hair Salon Innisfil Services

What can you expect when you walk into our salon? For one, you are tended to by our team of hair stylists who have plenty of experience in haircuts, shaving, and beard trims. They are highly trained and updated on cutting your hair short to current or modern styles and trends. The health and safety of your hair are also our primary concerns. For that reason, we use only the best products made in Canada or locally sourced. Your well-being, likewise, is also our priority. Apart from using high-quality tools and equipment, we also make sure that our salon and everything used is disinfected and clean.



From short to long hair and anything in between, our stylists can do it for you. If you prefer the traditional look, we can cut your hair short with a clipper, without the use of scissors. Perhaps you would like your hair cut using only shears, ask and that is what we do. You even have the option of having your hair washed.


Beard Trims

Numerous studies have established that many women find well-groomed men more attractive. Instead of doing it yourself and going through the hassle, let our hair stylists do that for you. We can also help you choose the most appropriate style to make you look good, based on the shape of your face, and proceed to give you the best beard trim you ever had.



Although you can choose to get shaved without a hot towel, we highly recommend that you do so. It is an incredibly comfortable shaving experience, so relaxing that many of our clients end up falling asleep. Getting clean-shaven using this method has its benefits. For one, it opens up your skin’s pores, making it easier to remove oil and dead skin. Also, it reduces skin irritation.

Note: These are our main services. For each one, we may have packages for you to choose from. At any rate, we can accommodate your request to customize a service. All you have to do is to tell one of our hair stylists.

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The Innisfil Hair Salon Grooming Experience

Are you looking at different hair salons on Innisfil and nearby Barrie? Come to us and let us give you the best hair care and grooming in Ontario. Even though the town itself is relatively small, you do not have to feel deprived of the convenience of getting groomed in a salon.

Go ahead, give us a call or fill up our contact form. Our stylists can get in touch with you to discuss your options. Is it hair cut, colouring, or highlights? Do you want to get a clean shave or line and trim your beard?

Any of the services you choose, we can do an exemplary job. Our team comprises people who are not only skilled but also current on the latest styles, trends, and techniques. We ensure top-notch service using the best Canadian tools and products. Even as we do our part in conforming to all health protocols, we ask that you do the same.

Come to us and experience a friendly atmosphere in the salon. This place is both a sanctuary in which you could spend an hour or two relaxing while letting us do the work for you. It is also where we transform your appearance into something more worthwhile. It does not matter who you are grooming yourself for – just do it for you.


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So there you have it, if you’re in the Innisfil area and are the owner of a face in need of a shave then instead of trying to trim it at home why not treat yourself to a professional hot towel shave from our experts at your local barber shop.

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