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Beard Line Ups

Beard Line Ups Innisfil

If you’re looking for a stylish, smart beard line up in Innisfil then you won’t be disappointed with our beard line up service.

Whether you’re going out for the evening, getting married, going to a formal event or just want to look good for Mrs, we are confident that we can help.

Our beard line up shaves start from $$.$$.

Just pop into our shop or give us a call to book.

What Our Beard Lineup Service Involves

If you come to our Innisfil store for a beard shape up here’s what you can expect. If you know how you want your beard styling then let us know and we can get started straight away.

If you’re not sure what the best beard shape for you is and you want to make a few adjustments then ask one of our barbers for some recommendations, they will take into account the density and shape of your beard as well as the shape of your face and come up with something which looks great and makes the most of your beard.

We use both cut throat razors and professional beard clippers to give you clean beard lines and a tidy finish and we will leave you well cleaned up with not a stray hair out of place (or on your clothes).

What Beard Line Up Shape To Choose

Getting a beard line up done allows you to reshape your beard. It is not common knowledge but not all beard styles suit all faces. The best beard for your face will depend on the shape of your face.

Measurements which impact which beard style will suit your best include forehead width, cheekbone width, jawline length and face length.

Different measurements can result in a face which is oval, triangular, rectangular, round, square, diamond or heart shaped. The best beard shape for you will depend on the shape of your face.

For example if you have a long face then a long beard is best avoided, if you have a very prominent chin then you may want a beard which softens it somewhat.

If you’re not sure what beard best suits you and you’re open to trying something new then speak to one of our barbers and then can recommend a style that will work with your face and of course they can get it all perfectly lined up for you.

The Benefits Of Getting A Beard Line Up

If you’re searching for a beard line up service near you then chances are you already know how much of a difference a good beard line up can make to your overall appearance..but if you’re not convinced then here are a few reasons why you benefit from getting your beard shaped with us…

Tidies Up Your Appearance

Beard growth is rarely uniform. Some patches will grow very slowly while others will grow far faster not to mention the blight of bald spots which become all the more obvious as your beard grows.

Left unchecked the end result is a very messy looking beard. Getting a beard line up is the perfect way of taming your wild facial hair. Beard line ups do a number of different things which can significantly improve your overall appearance.

First it removes long hairs that look out of place and give you a scruffy look, secondly it helps remove split ends which also add to the unkempt look. This helps to create a far fuller and tidier look.

Tidies up appearance beard
Jaw line shape

Adds Shape To Your Jawline

Getting your beard shaped can help improve your appearance, for example by highlighting your jawline giving you a more well defined look thanks to the far sharper edges that your beard will have.

If you have a long face a shorter broader beard can help add width to it If you don’t have a particularly prominent jawline you can contour your beard around your chin to add extra definition and shape.

So there you have it, if you need to get your beard tidied up then you know where to come. Our barbers can both offer beard styling advice and will leave you with a perfectly styled finish to suit your taste.

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