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Mens Haircuts

Mens Haircuts Innisfil

If you’re looking for a hair cut in Innisfil you’ve come to the right place. We offer all mens styles at a reasonable price.

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Short Haircuts For Men

Short haircuts are popular and are easy to maintain. So if you’re looking for a non nonsense haircut that isn’t going to take long at all to tidy up in the morning then our stylists can help. Here are a three of the most popular short mens haircuts that we are routinely asked for:

  • The Buzz Cut – very short and extremely low maintenance, these wash and go hair cuts are ideal for anyone who wants a strong look without the hassle of having tidy up their hair every morning.
  • The Crew Cut – These feature a short back and sides (often buzz cut) with longer cut hair on top which is usually brushed to the side or styled.
  • The Short Comb Over – This style is smart and stylish. Featuring faded sides and a comb line where the hair is combed over the head. It’s low maintenance, taking not long at all to tidy up in the morning, and looks very professional.

Of course there are countless other styles and cuts we are regularly asked for

Short hair cut

Medium Length Haircuts

Medium length haircuts are as popular now as they have ever been thanks to a growth in celebrities sporting cuts such as the pompadour and faux hawk. Here are a four of the most popular medium length mens haircuts that we are routinely asked for:

Medium hair style
  • Pompadour – Over the last year demand for this hair style has grown considerably. It features an upward wave which recedes in volume as it goes backwards, think Elvis Presley style.
  • Faux Hawk – The Faux Hawk has gone from being a punk haircut to a very mainstream one today. It is essentially a tapered down mohawk, with the hair at the centre line of your head being longer than the hair either side of it.
  • Quiff – There are many types of quiff hairstyles out there (including the pompadour) but textured quiffs, long quiffs and high quiffs are all also very much in vogue at the moment.
  • Slicked Back – If you have thick straight hair then the slicked back style is likely to work well with your hair type. It does require a reasonable amount of maintenance and quite a bit of mousse or hair gel to keep it in shape. This style is popular with professionals.

Mens Fade Haircuts

The fade has been a classic mens haircut for a long time, and no surprises why. This versatile haircut is small, stylish and can be as low maintenance as you need it to be. There are many different types of fade you can get, including:

  • Taper Fade – this is a sharp style of fade that starts with no hair and fades into blended hair length, it is a smart look which can be used to complement many different hair styles.
  • Low Fade – low fades start very low on the hairline but quickly blend up from there. If you want to showcase the texture of your hair or highlights your waves this can be a good choice.
  • Mid Fade – This fade starts just above the ears, it is one of the most popular fades styles due to its versatility and adaptability to work well with almost any different styles.
  • High Fade – The high fade is a very high contrast cut, most of the hair on the back and sides of your head is shaved right back to the skin exposing the natural shape of your head. This is a strong look which certainly isn’t subtle!
  • Scissor Fade – This style of fade is longer than the other styles as it doesn’t use a shaver, it gives a softer look
Mens fade hair style

So there you have it, if you need to get your beard tidied up then you know where to come. Our barbers can both offer beard styling advice and will leave you with a perfectly styled finish to suit your taste.

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