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haircuts for thin hair

A lot of men have experienced hair thinning. This may be due to stress, hormonal imbalance, genetic disorder, or aging. Whatever the reason, thinning hair can affect your confidence and mental health, which is why you need to know the best cuts for thin hair.


Here we will shed light on some of the best haircuts for men with thinning hair. We will also give tips on how men with thin hair can best groom themselves while answering some FAQs. Let’s get started!

The Best Haircuts for Men with Thin Hair

You must be careful about the cut you pick if you have thin hair. Getting the right haircut can make your thinning hairline look fuller and denser. That’s why we’ve looked at the ten best cuts for you, starting with the classic buzz cut.

Buzz Cut

Getting a buzz cut is the best way to get hair to look thick. A buzz cut removes all the long and weak hair strands leaving low and healthy hair. Having beards to pair with a buzz cut is the best way to get attention off the hair on your head. A buzz cut looks better when it is paired with facial hair.

buzz haircut

Sleek Side Part

A side part is another way to get thin hair strands to look dense. A side part is kept in place with a small amount of hair product. Too much product can make a sleek side part look dead and flat, so be sure not to overdo it.

Crew Cut

Crew cuts help thin hair to look long and thick at the top. The crew cut hairstyle is done by shaving the sides and leaving the hair to pile in the middle. It is a stylish and contemporary look if done correctly.

Comb Over

The comb-over haircut is achieved by creating a side part in the hair. A fade can be added to the side of the hair as the contrast will help your hair to appear fuller. You can then comb it in any direction and use a hair styling gel to keep it in place.

Textured Crop

If your hair is thinning out in various places, the perfect haircut will be the textured crop. You can get the sides tapered to help the top hair to appear fuller and hide the thinning parts. You can use any hair styling wax to keep the hair in place.

Textured Side Part

This is a great hairstyle that adds a little bit of lift to thin hair. The textured side part makes the hair appear full of volume. It is a hairstyle that fits into a boardroom or hanging out with friends. This hairstyle helps to hide the thinning areas and creates an effortless look. You can use hairstyling to style the hair.

Soft and Spiky

A soft and spiky haircut helps to achieve full-blown and airy hair. It is a perfect haircut for people with thinning spots all over their scalps. It helps to hide those spots and flat hair lines.

Slick Back

The slick back haircut pushes your hair in one direction, making it appear fuller. The look is achieved by fading the sides of the hair and keeping the middle full. The slick back also helps draw attention to the denser parts of your hair, which can be controlled with a hairstyling gel.

slick back

Full Beard

If you have several thinning spots on your hair, it is best to keep your hair low to cover the thinning areas. You can also keep a beard to balance the look and draw attention away from your hair. In addition, a full beard will help to create a contrast with your short hair.

Wavy and Slicked Back

If you have thin strands that are also wavy, you can consider growing out your hair locks and letting them add more waves. Waves will help with hair volume and also cover thinning spots. You can add pomade to your hair to get it slicked back.

Tips on How to Groom Thin Hair

  • Cut it short. Thin hair grows stronger and fuller when it is cut short. It also helps to hide any bad spots
  • A daily thickening serum on your hair also helps improve its thickness and volume
  • Washing your hair regularly will get rid of grease and make your hair fuller and healthy
  • Use your fingers to style your hair instead of a brush or comb. Your fingers will give your hair the necessary lifts needed
  • Blow drying your hair after washing will give it some fullness


What is The Best Length to Keep Thin Hair?

Thin hair is better kept short. It looks better and fuller when it is short. Keeping thin hair long makes it look flat and dead. Also, thin hair is easier to style when kept short, giving it a thick and full illusion.

Which Haircut Makes Hair Look Thicker?

All short haircuts make the hair look fuller. Short hairstyles are styled easily with pomades and hairstyling gel to give it the desired lift and fullness. The comb-over hairstyle can be said to be the perfect hairstyle to make the hair look fuller and more attractive.

How Can I Make My Thin Hair Thick?

You can make your thin hair thick by first trying to identify why it is thin. If the hair thinning is caused by hair products, you can consider changing them. If it is genetic or caused by stress, you can consider changing your hairstyle or lifestyle.

thin hair thick

Final Thoughts

Thin hair can be a source of insecurity for most men, but you can still look handsome and stylish with thin hair. There are many great haircuts that can keep your hair as full as possible and make you feel confident.

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