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A high-quality haircut will make you feel great and give you extra confidence. A haircut is all about maintaining a nice shape, and even the basic haircut will involve keeping edges tidy, removing scruffy neck hair, and blending in facial hair.

However, getting a nice haircut should not cost an arm or a leg. Here we’ll look at the cost of haircuts for men in Toronto and all the different factors that go into the overall cost. Let’s get started!

Cost of a regular haircut in Toronto

The cost of men’s haircuts in Toronto ranges from around $10 to over $1,000.

  • A regular men’s haircut in a local, street corner barbershop can be as low as $10.
  • In chain shops that offer regular cuts, it’ll cost about $20 to get a standard haircut
  • In premium barber shops, a regular haircut will cost about $60 – $80.
  • In celebrity barber shops, there is really no upper limit. A regular haircut can be in four figures ($1000+).

Thus, removing the outrageous price of getting a haircut in celebrity salons, the price of a regular haircut in Toronto for men is $34 on average.


Cost of Men’s Haircut in the Rest of Canada

Toronto, which is the capital of the province of Ontario, is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. It is an international center of business, finance, art, and culture. As a result, Toronto is the city with the highest cost of living in Canada.

It’s not surprising then that the cost of a haircut for me is higher in Toronto than virtually everywhere else in Canada.

For example, consider how the cost of a haircut for men is cheaper in many upscale cities in and outside of Canada:

  • In Montreal, it is 10% cheaper than in Toronto
  • In Vancouver, it is 25% cheaper than in Toronto
  • In Missouri, it is 27% cheaper than in Toronto

Factors determining the cost of men’s haircut in Toronto

The cost of men’s haircuts in Toronto depends on a number of factors. These include:

  • The type of salon
  • The type of hairstyle desired
  • The hair treatment desired
  • The experience of the stylist
  • The tip

The type of salon

This is a no-brainer. A haircut in a local mall will be way cheaper than a haircut in a celebrity salon. Generally, haircuts in Toronto are cheapest in the privately-owned local barber shops with very minimal fixtures.

The cut-down local barber shops are followed by the more serious-looking barber shops that include good chairs, TVs, etc.

At the premium end are barbershops that offer lots of perks like free scalp massage and hot towels. Many also offer free beverages and snacks. Yes, these perks are advertised as “free”, but everyone knows that you are paying for this overall experience.

The type of haircut desired

There are different hairstyles, each one with its degree of difficulty. Generally, the higher the degree of difficulty of a haircut the more expensive it will be. Thus, the buzz cuts (which entail trimming virtually all of your hair off)  are generally cheaper than blow-out haircuts, which require a more intensive amount of styling.

A lot of men will go for a fade cut which isn’t too expensive but will be a little more costly than a buzz cut. If you’re worried about the cost, then you can always talk to the barber beforehand about this pricing scale.

The hair treatment desired

It’s no secret that hair salon services for women are more expensive than for men. The reason for this is that women generally require more complicated hair treatments.

Thus, the more sophisticated a hair treatment is, the more expensive the hair service will be. There are different hair treatments that men can opt for, and these treatments have varying prices that add to the cost of the “haircut”.

For example, an ordinary haircut will be cheaper than a haircut with shampoo and style.

The same thing goes for hair treatments like scalp treatment, conditioning perm, hair coloring, and highlights.

The experience of the stylist

Another factor that affects the cost of men’s haircuts in Toronto is the experience of the stylist. This may not be a factor in the low-end salons, but it is a serious factor in the mid and top-tier salons.

These salons usually have their stylists in different categories reflecting their experience. For example, a haircut by a master stylist in the salon will cost more than a haircut by a junior stylist.

Haircut in toronto

The tip

Most often than not, a haircut in Toronto will set you back by much more than the actual cost of the service. This is because, in Toronto and other major Canadian cities, it is almost an unstated rule that you should tip your barber/stylist.

So, when considering the cost of men’s haircuts in Toronto, you should also factor in the tip.

Granted, it is not compulsory to tip your barber, but in many shops, it’ll be expected. You should plan for 15% – 25% of the bill as the tip.

Final thoughts

Depending on the barber shop (low-end, mid-range or top tier store), the experience of the stylist, as well as the hairstyle and hair treatment desired, the price of a haircut in Toronto ranges from $10 to $1,000+.

However, on average, a regular haircut for men in Toronto cost $34. Toronto is an upscale city, and is the most expensive city in Canada. So, you’ll find that the cost of a haircut for men in Toronto is more expensive than in other Canadian cities.

That being said, a great haircut is well worth the money and simple cuts will still be very cheap. All you need to do now is check out your local barber and find your new style.

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