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man haircut with a scissors

Have you ever thought of giving a man a haircut, whether it be your client, a friend, or a family member?

It’s not as complicated as you think. A men’s short haircut with scissors is one of the easiest forms of haircut to do.

Do you want to know the complete step-by-step process? Great! Anyone can give a simple men’s short haircut with scissors. Here, we will take you through the entire process. Let’s get started!

Step By Step Men’s Haircut with Scissors

To understand and practice how to use scissors to give a man’s haircut, be sure to follow these simple steps.

First, let’s make sure you have the right tools. You’ll need:

  • Sharp Hairdressing Scissors
  • Comb
  • Mirror

Once you’ve got those things, it’s time to take action!

  1. First, you must wet the man’s hair before you begin cutting. That way, it’s easier to gain control of the hair during the process. Always make sure his head is facing the right direction. Ensure he looks straight ahead without tilting his head. It makes things easier for both of you.
  2. The next step is to comb the hair. Partition the hair in the middle of his head. You should have a parting running in an imaginary line from between the eyes to the middle of the nape of the neck.
  3. Start by cutting the hair at the back part of his head before working forwards. The technique to use is to pinch the hair with your index and middle finger. You then slide your fingers up the hair until you reach your desired cutting point.

For example, if you just want to take an inch of hair off, then that’s what you need to see above your pinched fingers. You can then use this as a visual guide to cut the rest of the hair.

  1. It’s best to start in the middle of the hair (in that imaginary straight line between the eyes) before moving to one side and then the other. It’s best to cut in short bursts with the tip of the scissors rather than big cuts with the full length.
  2. When moving down the sides, it’s a good idea to pinch a little of the hair that you’re just cut and use it as a guide to ensure your cut is even.
  3. If you started from front to back in the very middle of the head, you’ll now have a reference guide for the rest of the cut. You can continue cutting from back to front, gradually moving down the sides of the head as you do.
  4. Finally, comb the bangs forward, turn your scissors at an angle, and cut. At this point, it’s good to consult with the man to see how long he wants the bangs. Take into account the fact that the hair will be wet.

scissors men haircut

Important Tips for Cutting Men’s Hair with Scissors

Make sure the scissors you’re using are sharp and in good condition. Dull scissors will not only make it more difficult to get a clean cut, but they can also damage the hair.

Avoid using too much pressure as you cut. This can cause the hair to split or break. Instead, use gentle, even strokes to evenly trim the hair.

Be careful not to cut too much off at once. It’s always better to err on the side of caution and take a little bit off at a time rather than taking too much and having to start over.


Should you cut men’s hair wet or dry?

If you’re looking for a short, clean cut with a fade, it’s best to cut the man’s hair wet. With wet-cutting, you can use a pair of scissors, and it’s also much easier for beginners! Not only that but dry hair can split easily and cutting it dry makes more of a mess.

Is it OK to cut hair with scissors?

Yes, it is OK to cut hair with scissors and it has been done for centuries. It’s a quick and easy way to trim your own hair, and it doesn’t require any special skills. Just be sure to use sharp scissors so you can get a clean cut.

What is a scissor-style cut?

A scissor cut is a very common style that can be used for men. It is often used for men who have thicker hair or men who are looking for a more natural look. The cut is easy to maintain and has a clean, professional look. This style gives any man clean, defined lines that will make him stand out in any crowd.

Why do barbers use scissors on top?

There are a few reasons barbers might use scissors on top. One possibility is that it gives them more control over the haircut. When using scissors on top, the barber can more easily cut around the ears and shape the haircut how they want.

Another possibility is that it helps to create a neater look. Scissor cuts are often seen as being neater and more polished than clipper cuts.

Finally, barbers may use scissors on top because it’s easier and quicker than using clippers. Clippers can be a bit tricky to use if you’re not used to them, but scissors are much simpler and faster to work with for a skilled barber.

What if I am nervous about cutting hair?

There’s a good chance you’re reading this article as you’re looking to cut your partner’s hair or just starting in the business. Cutting with scissors is great as you can control the cut. Nervous? Then perhaps just cut off half an inch and see how you go!

Once you learn the techniques above then you’ll quickly gain confidence. Remember that it’s just hair and it’ll grow back! Just start slow and be patient.

nervous about cutting hair

Final Thoughts

Learning how to give a man haircut with scissors is an essential skill for any barber or hairstylist. It’s also a great way to save money on haircuts if you can do it yourself.

With these steps, anyone can learn how to cut men’s hair like a pro. So what are you waiting for? Start learning today and you’ll be able to give your friends and family the perfect haircut every time.

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