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From time immemorial, a haircut has been a way to make a statement, from identifying you as belonging to a tribe, to showing your status, and more.

Today, a haircut is still used to make a statement, as it shows one’s sense of style. However, with literally hundreds of haircuts, finding a haircut that is right for you can be confusing.

That is why we’ve made this post about the latest haircut trends. It’ll help you find the haircut that’s right for you. Here you’ll find cuts that highlight your positive features, hide your flaws, and announce your style.

Let’s take a look at the best haircut trends right now.

1. Buzz Cut

The buzz cut has been around for a very long time but is still fashionable and trendy in 2022. It is a military-inspired haircut that involves clipping the hair very short.

Though “buzz cut” now describes a family of haircuts, traditional buzz cuts have a uniform length all over. That is, the hair at the sides, back, and top of the head are shaved short, to the same length.

Because it features minimal hair, the buzzcut is best for gents with a receding hairline or those who simply want a no-maintenance style. It’s also perfect for those with evenly proportioned oval, and diamond faces.

buzz cut 

2. Crew Cut

The crew cut shares many similarities with the buzz cut. First, it is also inspired by the military. Secondly, in terms of style, the crew cut is basically a buzz cut with a little more hair on top.

The top of the head is short, and it tapers off as it goes downwards, to have even shorter hair at the sides and the back.

The crew cut is popular as a low-maintenance but stylish haircut. The haircut suits all face shapes. However, strongly consider the crew cut if you have a square face, as more hair on top will give your face a more oval appearance.

crew haircut

3. Caesar Cut

This men’s haircut is named after the famous Roman Emperor Julius Caesar.

The Caesar cut derives from the Crew cut. The Caesar cut is a tapered hairstyle featuring short hair on top which tapers to shorter hair at the sides and at the back. The top hair should be at least 2 inches long, much more than in a crew cut. It is styled by brushing it forward and letting the fringe cover a part of the forehead.

The Caesar cut is a simple and stylish haircut for boys, young men, and older men. Because of the top styling, the Caesar cut is good for men with thick and curly hair.

caesar cut

4. Quiff Cut

The quiff cut is a fashion statement style. It is a voluminous style with hair looking a bit messy, swept backward.

To achieve the quiff hairstyle, you’ll need at least 3 inches of hair on the top of the head and relatively shorter hair on the sides and back. The top hair is styled upward and backward in a wavy (almost messy) appearance.

The textured tangled waves of the quiff cut make it a good blend of classy and casual. The quiff cut can be modified to suit any face.

quiff cut

5. Pompadour

The pompadour cut is named after Madame de Pompadour, the mistress of King Louis XV. Interestingly, despite the name, the hairstyle has nothing to do with the real Madame de Pompadour. However, it is a hairstyle that was sported by Elvis Presley, the king of Rock and Roll.

The pompadour is a voluminous hairstyle on top and very short sides and back. The large volume on the top of the head is swept upwards and back from the forehead.

Pompadours are a lot like the quiff cuts, but they have more volume and are glossier. There can be many variations of the pompadour cut. The hairstyle is fine for all face shapes, except round faces. This is because the towering, back-sweeping top hair has the effect of rounding the face.


6. Faux Hawk

The faux hawk is a toned-down version of the mohawk. However, it is every bit as stylish and eye-catchy as its mo-hawk cousin.

The faux hawk features a dramatic strip of hair (combed upwards) running from the top of the head to the back. However, unlike the mohawk, the sides are not shaved but hold short hair.

The faux hawk is one haircut that allows you to maintain different looks. On weekends, you can style your hair into a faux hawk for a punk look. Then you can easily style it into a more professional look for the working week.

faux hawk

7. Undercut

The undercut is the most popular men’s cut today. The undercut is a “long top, short sides” hairstyle.

However, the sides are clipped very short to a uniform length and contrast sharply with the long top hair. It is not a tapered hairstyle like the fade, where the top hair gently graduates to very short hair at the sides. Instead, the undercut gives you short hair at the sides creating a disconnect with the long hair at the top.

The top hair can be styled in different ways to give different variations of the undercut. The undercut softens angular features, so it works best with men having square or rectangular faces.


8. Side Part

If there’s an award for the true gentleman haircut, it’ll go to the side-part haircut. Though it is one haircut that you can wear anywhere, it is very popular in office or formal settings.

As its name suggests, the side part cut features a very pronounced side parting. You’ll need about 2 – 4 inches of top hair, while the sides are clipped shorter. From the side parting, comb the top hair over, sweeping it to the other side and back downwards.

There are different variations. The parting can be on the right or the left, and you can combine the printing with a fade.

side part

Wrapping Up

Your haircut is a statement of your style. Thankfully, the latest haircut trends for men appeal to every style.

If you want the classic and simple, you can’t go wrong with the buzz cut or crew cut. For a real professional or gentlemanly look, consider the side-part. For something a bit more stylish, the Caesar cut and undercut are for you. And if you’re more daring, the quiff cut, faux hawk, and pompadour are worth considering.

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