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Tired of the same old haircut? Ready to switch things up with a fresh, modern look? If so, it might be time to consider a taper or a fade. Both styles are popular with guys now, offering clean lines, a polished appearance, and endless styling possibilities.

What exactly are they?

A taper is a classic cut where your hair gradually becomes shorter from the top of your head down to your neckline. It’s a versatile style that can be customized to suit your preferences, from a subtle trim to a more noticeable gradient.

A fade, on the other hand, is a bolder look. It involves blending the hair on your sides and back down to the skin, creating a striking contrast with the longer hair on top. Fades come in various intensities, from low and subtle to high and dramatic.

Not sure which one is right for you? Let’s see what the expert barbers say.

What Is a Taper?

A taper is a classic men’s haircut characterized by gradually shortening the hair from the top of the head down to the neckline. Imagine a gentle slope where the hair transitions seamlessly from longer at the crown to shorter lengths at the temples and nape.

mid taper haircutting

There are several types of tapers, each offering a slightly different look:

  • Low taper: The shortest hair starts above the ears and curves around the head. This creates a subtle, polished look perfect for professional settings or a more conservative style.
  • Mid taper: The taper begins around the middle of the head, balancing a conservative and trendy look.
  • High taper: The shortest hair starts higher up on the head, resulting in a more noticeable contrast between the top and sides. This edgy style is famous for a modern, fashion-forward look.

What Is a Fade?

A fade is a modern and edgy haircut that involves gradually blending the hair on your sides and back down to the skin. Unlike a taper, which maintains a subtle gradient, a fade creates a more dramatic contrast between the longer hair on top and the virtually shaved areas below.

Several types of fades offer varying levels of intensity:

Skin Fade (Bald Fade): This is the most extreme type of fade, where the hair is shaved down to the skin, creating a clean and sharp appearance.

Low Fade: The fade begins low on the head, just above the ears and neckline. It offers a subtle transition and is an excellent option for those who want a modern look without being too drastic.

Mid Fade: The fade starts around the middle of the head, providing a balanced look that’s both stylish and versatile. It’s a popular choice for men who want a clean-cut appearance with a touch of edge.

High Fade: The fade starts higher on the head, closer to the temples. This creates a more noticeable contrast between the top and sides, making it a bolder and more fashion-forward choice.

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Taper vs. Fade: Key Differences

While both tapers and fades offer a clean, modern look, they have key differences that can help you decide which style suits you best.

Gradual vs. Dramatic

The most noticeable difference is the transition between hair lengths. A taper features a gradual, subtle change, while a fade is more abrupt and dramatic, blending the hair to the skin.


Tapers are generally easier to maintain. The gradual change in length means they grow out more naturally, requiring less frequent trips to the barber. Fades need more upkeep to keep the crisp lines and sharp contrast between lengths.


Tapers are considered more versatile, as they can complement various hair types and styles. They work well with straight, wavy, or curly hair and can be incorporated into classic or contemporary looks.

While undeniably stylish, fades might be less adaptable for those with very fine or thin hair, as they can prominently expose the scalp.

Choosing the Right Haircut for You

Choosing between a taper and a fade isn’t just about the latest trends – it’s about finding a haircut that suits you. Here are a few things to consider:

Face Shape

While both styles can be adapted to different face shapes, certain tapers and fades complement your features better than others. For example, a high fade can elongate a round face, while a low taper can soften a square jawline.


How much time are you willing to dedicate to maintaining your haircut? Tapers are generally low-maintenance, requiring less frequent trims than fades.

A taper might be a more practical choice if you’re always on the go. However, if you enjoy visiting the salon for regular touch-ups and prefer a sharper look, a fade could be the way to go.

Personal Style

Ultimately, the best haircut is the one that makes you feel confident and reflects your individual style. A taper is a safe bet if you prefer a classic, timeless look. But if you’re drawn to edgier styles and want to make a statement, a fade might be the perfect way to express your personality.

fade hair cutting

Get the Perfect Haircut at Innisfil Hair Salon

Ready to refresh your look with a modern taper or fade? The experienced barbers and stylists at Innisfil Hair Salon specialize in both cuts, tailoring each to your individual hair type, face shape, and personal preferences.

We understand that the perfect haircut is a collaboration between you and your stylist, so we offer complimentary consultations.

During your consultation, we’ll discuss your hair goals, explore different taper and fade variations, and recommend the ideal style to enhance your features and complement your lifestyle.

Whether you’re seeking a classic taper for a timeless look or a bold fade to make a statement, we’ll work with you to create a haircut that boosts your confidence and leaves you feeling your best.

Book your appointment today and discover the transformative power of a fresh, expertly crafted cut.

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